4. Joel Swift

sparks20160507superhengecolliderbSuper Henge Collider, 2016

Digital Media

Loomis Basin Tryptich, 2015

Digital Media on canvas,

courtesy Mary Dietrich


Artsy-Sciencey Thingy, 2013,

digital media on canvas, 24×48

courtesy Davis Sequencing



Northstar Bike Art Show, 2011




Share the Ride/Ride Pluto, 2011

sketchbook, ink, paint, digital and photograph multimedia works from the California architect and artist.  All images are available for high quality print on paper or canvas.  Proceeds from sales help support scholarships at the Swift Fund for the Arts.  Contact me or browse more images at:

blog:  http://joelts.wordpress.com/

sketch: http://joeltsketchbook.tumblr.com/

instagram visual blog: http://instagram.com/joeltsgram

the echoes vortex  http://www.tumblr.com/blog/echoesvortex

dewitt doors: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/joeltsdewittdoors a photoessay 2010-2013

And if you prefer any of these graphics on mugs, pillows, smartphone, aprons or other media, visit

crayonarchitecture.2 204AFirstStep

Crayon Architecture, 1985             First Step, 2010


Sorceror’s Vortex, 2012


La Bou Art Show, 1990


Album cover art for Zunzun’s Beachcomber, 2004


Still Life, 1991


Abcess Makes the Heart Grow Fondue, 2013


Out of Memory, 2014


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